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Allow teachers to control the restrictions to their own rooms#44

Instead of an admin controlling this option on a room, any teacher’s assigned to the room can control the options.

5 years ago

This is an option that many teachers in our school have asked for becuase some teachers want restricted and some don’t because they want to use Kiosk mode (usually large groups like phys ed, etc.)

4 years ago

It would be incredibly helpful to have the ability to restrict (and easily track) the number of times that students from each of my sections uses the restroom. For example, I would love the ability to say that between Jan 1 and March 1 students may only use the restroom 4 times in my class. I think that this would cut down on the number of students roaming the halls because every teacher would be more aware of the number of times that their students had used the RR.

a year ago
Merged Exit Teacher PIN#463
a year ago

🎉 Coming this summer! Teachers will be able to control rstricts to their own rooms if an admin allows it. This feature will available for next school-year. See the details here.

If you have any questions or feedback, send me an email at [email protected]!

a year ago