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Student Avatars and Personalization (Themes)#311

A system that includes a avatar with the profile picture, it can be used to show what the student is like and have some more personal customization. Can also include nicknames, personality, and more to help the student feel more comfortable and included. The avatar could be a mini them, or just a way for them to have a way to express themselves.
–Trust system included: Students can use trust points to buy colors, clothes, backgrounds, or things like that.

a year ago

trust system wouldnt work, to many flaws, also,some students could put inapproprate nicknames, the students who do that ruin it for everyone else so that wouldnt be a good idea ethier.

a year ago

Students accounts are associated with their names and emails. Putting an innapropriate name would end in a referral. It wouldnt ruin it for other people because nobody other than ther reciever of the pass would see the profile.

a year ago

Flaws arent flaws unless you list them, ask how it might work or you can continue with no argument.

a year ago

I was logging on to suggest this too. A student in my school was uncomfortable that their picture was on the board for SmartPass.

A system with boundaries which lets students customize avatars and backgrounds for trust points based on not having overtime passes would be great!

If it would let students choose from predetermined choices and doesn’t allow for student made/uploaded nicknames and images, I don’t see why inapproprateness would be an issue. Letting them customize their avatars would give students a reward for doing what they should be doing and allow for some self expression. It could even include limited edition choices and rotating avalibility in a shop, like blooket. Allowing customization would go a long way to make this system seem like a positive to students rather than just another thing they have to do.

2 months ago