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Check in / out#226

It would be great to be able to check a student in and out as they arrive to their pass location to help keep track of them better.

2 months ago

Wouldn’t a teacher just end the pass once the student arrived? For a student to check themselves in, they would have to check in at a rook kiosk with their login or a PIN. Otherwise, if they could end their passes from anywhere, there’s no proof that the student arrived at the pass location.

20 days ago

No, you cannot end a pass at the bathroom, otherwise they are in the hallway returning from the bathroom without a pass. In our building, we have bathroom monitors. I do not want the students to check in and out themselves, I am referring to the monitors being able to check them in when the student arrives at the location then check them out as they leave to go back to class. That WOULD BE the proof they got there and then left. This is a function that would be nice for hallway/bathroom monitors not the students.

19 days ago

That’s what I was saying. It would need to be a teacher/staff-directed process.

19 days ago

Right. That’s what I was referring to and suggesting. We have students who create a bathroom pass and are gone for 9 minutes, which is 4 minutes over the pass expiration time. However, if we knew that the extra time was spent actually in the bathroom -which let’s face it… sometimes it DOES take more than 5 minutes to finishing using the bathroom- and not just wandering the halls and killing time out of class, it would make it even more trackable.

19 days ago